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Thank you for visiting Razor Precision, Inc. We’re a drone services company serving Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Send us a message to ask us a question about our services. We look forward to helping you take your work or special event to a higher level!

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Brandt Hendricks

Brandt is the Co-Founder of Razor Precision Inc., and responsible for coordinating all of our aerial services. Whether you need one picture or thousands of acres flown he is the person to call.

Brandt is a two-time graduate of The University of Alabama, where he also spent time as a collegiate athlete. He has an MBA with a concentration in finance, as well as, an eye and passion for entrepreneurship. He was raised in a rural town in northwest Florida, where he grew up on his family’s cotton and peanut farm. His experience in the family business has given him a strong appreciation for the time and effort needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

To find out more about Brandt, find him on LinkedIn.

Hunter Brown

Hunter grew up in a sawmilling and landowning family in Bibb County, Alabama, and spent most of his young life around the areas timber industry. After graduating from Maplesville High School he attended Auburn University studying Agricultural Business & Economics, Finance, and Forestry. While in these curriculums he made the most of his time and strategically took classes to help him make the most prudent land management decisions possible going forward.

After graduating from Auburn he took a job for a small management firm in Tuscaloosa as a measurements forester. Upon taking his Registered Forester’s exam and passing he promptly left and founded Razor Precision Inc. with Brandt Hendricks on the promise of UAV applications. During the first few months of operation a friend introduced him to John Pirtle and soon thereafter a pledge to share their forestry interests were made.

Hunter is first and foremost a resource economist, and closely second, a naturalist and conservationist. He is in the lucky group of people whose passion in life is also their occupation.