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Aerial Photography and Videography in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, AL

“I was blessed with the opportunity to partner our Land Services business with perhaps the best forest manager and champion of forest conservation in the state of Alabama today, John Pirtle, and I jumped at the chance.” – Co Founder Hunter Brown R.F. #2199

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Razor Precision and Pirtle Forestry Services<br/><hr>

Razor Precision and Pirtle Forestry Services

With the partnership of Razor Precision and Pirtle Forestry Services a new type of Land Services Company is born. The confluence of our technology, experience, and commitment allow us to deliver more benefits and value to our clients at a cheaper cost than was previously imaginable.

How do we do that you might ask?


We begin our relationship with landowners with the guarantee that you will always get all the money you rightfully deserve in any timber sales. It sounds simple, but it’s not. Millions of dollars are lost each year in the south by landowners who choose to navigate the sales process alone. What we do, is simple:
• Our timber cruise valuation determines what you should be paid in a timber sale
• We asses other aspects of the tract to determine seasonal marketability
• Lastly, we take the tract to market and meet projected revenue goals


The term I have coined for this process is Land Utilization Architecture. We start with the best aerial photography in the industry and rely on our boot treads to piece together the rest of the puzzle. In this process we seek to answer the following:
• How might this property be best used going forward?
• What must happen on this property to meet a desired goal?
• In what way can we cut, thin, burn, and spray to make your property more aesthetic?


A use plan is great for creating a vision for your property but only serves as a point of beginning for your journey. Achieving ownership goals is perpetual process that plays out over decades, but often times you only get one chance to get it right.
• We work hand in hand with a preferred group of vendors to plan and schedule activities
• Projects are tracked on a day to day basis and updates on progress are reported
• Results are monitored continually over time and adjustments are made accordingly