LiDAR Services

Stop Wasting Time and Money on Your Land Development and Planning

Aerial and mobile LiDAR technology in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, AL <br/><hr>

Aerial and mobile LiDAR technology in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, AL

Razor Precision, Inc. is proud to offer remote and mobile LiDAR mapping. LiDAR is a remote sensing technology that uses laser pulses to measure and capture 3-D images of your land and the associated topography. This incredible technology will help you make more educated decisions on how to use your land before you take action. You can also use this service to make informed decisions regarding land purchases before you sign on the dotted line.

Don’t make the mistake of planning or developing your land before you see the entire picture. Call Razor Precision for LiDAR services in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, AL.

How LiDAR helps you build a better plan

You can save time, money and headaches on your next project with LiDAR technology. From crops to land development, we use our precision technology to help you:

  • Create 3-D maps of your property
  • Evaluate an area before you dig or develop your land
  • Identify the density and location of forestry for planning purposes
  • Inspect the layout before you purchase land

Contact us today to see how our skilled team members can save you time and money with our advanced mobile and aerial LiDAR service in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Alabama.